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“1nsepara6le” unveils the power of what faith can do through a focused father who is determined to be accountable and responsible, establishing a hope that not only delivered his son, but, gracefully, impacts the mother and the family that held him captive; making what should be considered the rule, the exception to the rule.”

– JC Watts, Jr. Former Chairman of House Republican Conference; CEO Watts Partners –DC

“The Lord said make a joyful noise, and 1nsepara6le is doing just that; drawing attention to a multitude of issues going on within our culture/family regardless of one’s background; challenging fathers from all walks of life to be more exclusively accountable, and mothers more inclusively responsible.”

– Darren Woodson Former NFL Player; ESPN Analyst – Dallas, Texas

“I believe if 1nsepara6le is taken to heart, it will challenge people, particularly fathers, to take their rightful place as leader of the family, and allow the Hope of Glory to guide the way, the household will forever be changed, whereby love is destined to overwhelm a once wayward environment, in due season.”

– Jay Dickey, Jr. Former U.S. Congressman – Arkansas

“This soon to be award winning narrative, is timely. Fathers are central to the emotional make up of their offspring; those who take on this stupendous responsibility can be an effective curator, impacting the social development thereof, while producing a strong inner core therein, despite the conditions. Love covers a multitude of shortcomings. 1nsepara6le proves this out, despite this father being intentionally locked out.”

– Spencer Tillman Former NFL Player; CBS Sports Analyst; Fox Sports Network - Houston

“African American athletes are often praised for their many contributions on the field, but, unfortunately, very few are recognized for the amazing roles they play in the lives of others off the field. And nothing is more gratifying than to see one of my former players exemplifying the same level of courage, focus and tenacity, to be a productive Dad, as he displayed as a player, overcoming and conquering tremendous odds, to present himself accountable; attributes that made him an MVP quarterback.”

– Barry Switzer College Football Hall-of-Famer; Super Bowl XXX Champions; Sirius XM College Analyst – Oklahoma

“1nsepara6le was an unexpected page turner that simply overwhelmed me by its explosive family drama, plots, and spiritual realism. Though torn by the mothersʼ role in the familyʼs attempted demise of the father, this just might be the story of the year, and, one that will prompt a much needed debate to address the other side of the family fallout that often goes untold.”

– Regina Tisdale Chairperson & Co-Founder of The Wayman Tisdale Foundation – Tulsa

“I believe this story is God-ordained…. and I look forward with anticipation to the impact this book will have on people from all walks of life, which will potentially touch the lives of all who read this life changing narrative. The relationship this Dad fosters with his son should not be the exception, but the rule.”

– David Hornsby DFW Int’l Airport, Department of Public Safety – Dallas/Fort Worth

“This memoir is an epic story that places the family leaders the world over under the uncompromising microscope of God’s perspective on these hot topics. As a father, it blessed me tremendously by revealing through the example of this young man’s Dad, where I missed the mark with my daughters along the way. A major game changer people, destined to be one of this nationʼs most interesting conversation.”

– Scott West Radio Host National Syndicated Show – Daybreak USA

“a riveting story, which I found to be both heartbreaking and spiritually up-lifting. It will inspire you, and, yet, challenge you to re-evaluate your personal commitments to faith, family and fatherhood. This narrative is simply life changing, and desperately needed for such a time as this.”

– Byron K. Reed Senior VP, Community Dev. Wells Fargo & Company – Los Angeles

“1nsepara6le is an honest, open heart dissection of a condition affecting far too many children of a spiritually divided home. This autobiography has the potential to heal and restore lives crippled by the chains of generational curses due to unrecognized bondage. I’m even a better mother after reading this heart-wrenching story that lovingly displayed the many sacrifices of this determined father!”

– Brenda Teele Jackson TV Personality – Dallas, Texas

“a captivating biography that proves what the unconditional love of a father can accomplish when properly applied, despite being faced with an unlimited amount of insurmountable odds and challenges just to be a Dad to “his” “own” biological son. This is a must read, and, I believe, a must see movie. Thanks guys for sharing this amazing love story. America truly needs to embrace your example independent of your nationality!”

– Lissa Druss Christman CCO, Culloton Strategies – Chicago