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Danny Bradley, the Creator & Host of (“XVI—The Bradley Perspective”), has travelled the world via the Sports Industry as an (NFL Player), (NFL Agent) and (NFL Executive), but few knew the (“back-story”) behind his unparalleled tumultuous relationship w/ his son, Mark Bradley, who, too, got to partake of the fruits as an NFL Player (dishonorably) at his Pops expense; one that challenged DB’s Faith at its core; exposing the other-side of the American Family Fallout; producing a (FATHER) who takes an unprecedented stance walks away from the NFL, at 24, to rescue his 6 years old (SON) from a Community of Swindlers, Manipulators & Haters, instigated by the “Maternal Family” & “Birth Certificate Dad”—a twist of turbulent events that led to an unexpected (Death), (Divorces), and an attempted (Suicide), anchoring the central reason this (Biological) (Father) chose to (redefine) his commitment to Faith, Family & Fatherhood. Join The Transformation. . . 

Look forward to seeing you there!!