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Danny’s road to success started during his years playing quarterback at the University of Oklahoma from 1981 – 1984. Playing under and being mentored by Head Coach Barry Switzer, Coordinators Galen Hall and Mack Brown, has had a profound impact on this game changer’s life. After leading the Sooners to the ‘85 Orange Bowl with a shot at winning the NCAA National Championship, Danny was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams. During his brief NFL career he played for both the Rams and Detroit Lions.
Unlike so many NFL players, Danny’s transition from football into business, owning and operating one of the most successful multi-purpose health clubs in the state of Texas, was commendable. It was after being offered a front office position with the Dallas Cowboys that enticed Danny to change career’s, becoming the first African American executive in the history of the Cowboys. During his tenure, he implemented programs that aided players in preparing for life after the game, while also assisting Jerry Jones and staff with their ground breaking marketing and endorsement deals as part of a $750 million anti-trust lawsuit against the League that changed the landscape of the NFL’s “revenue sharing” plan; a marketing plan that attracted the likes of American Express, AT&T, Pepsi, and Nike to the table as part of the Cowboys independent sponsorship package, which now serves as “victory” for all NFL franchises.
Upon leaving the Dallas Cowboys, Danny’s company, The Sports Group, became known for negotiating, creating, and implementing unique marketing programs that benefited both the athlete, and the endorsement companies. Now, as a certified player agent and contract advisor with the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), Danny’s experiences from the NFL locker rooms, to the NFL boardrooms, makes him unique among NFL Agents. But as you will learn in your venture into (“1nsepara6le”), Danny Bradley, more importantly, is a believer in truth, and someone who is living proof that what you do for others, the good Lord will somehow make happen for you.
And despite not having that responsible father in his formative years, when racial tension, stereotypes and riots were intense, Danny decided from the onset that he would be the father to his son he never had. He learned valuable principles along the way that helped sustain him through his journey, documenting that giving should be a way of life if one expects to receive God’s best in this life – by faith.
Though his many imperfections often hindered the work, his Faith in Him who perfected the way, wouldn’t allow him the luxury to quit. Danny understood, without doubt, to whom much is given, much is also required; “our children are our assignment” he says. But regardless of our position in life, he believes that it is imperative that we all take this thing called love, life and relationship much more seriously, as he has, being the sole central foundation of that consciousness that produced 1nsepara6le: Faith / Family / Fatherhood.